I am an Italian mother tongue freelance translator specialized in translation and interpreting services. My main work fields are technical, literary and legal translations, legalization and asseveration of documents and texts revision service (editing and proofreading). I also provide interpreting service for sales negotiations and international exhibitions. My language combinations are Italian, English, Spanish, French and vice-versa.


My longtime experience in translation and interpreting services allowed me to cooperate with many estimated International companies.


My strong passion for languages and communication studies led me to learn and deepen as well as update all translation and interpretation techniques. Since I was young, in fact, I started to attend summer language courses abroad, thanks which I realized that the profession of translator and interpreter is not limited to the process of transposing the word from the source language to the target one, instead it must be the interpretation of the idea and try to adapt it to the cultural background and field setting. I strongly believe that the aphorism of the well-known philosopher Manara Valgimigli better explains this profession:


Translate is like composing music and poetry, like painting a picture and sculpt a statue, effort and yearning to conquer and get its own truth”.


I ensure max reliability, delivery on time, experience, flexibility, geographic mobility, and very competitive prices.