The fees indicated are approximate and according to the measurement unit per each single word or per line (55 keystrokes, spaces included).


Language combinations Italian>English, French, Spanish and vice-versa

Rate per word: 0,08 €*
Rate per line (55 keystrokes, spaces included): 0,70 €*


For the text revision service (editing, proofreading), the rate per word is about € 0,06 up to € 0,08.


For  legalization, asseveration and sworn translations, there is an overprice of  € 50,00 to the ordinary rate  per each document and the refund of the administrative fees.


Concerning the interpreting service, the rates depend on the kind of project, on the location, on the numbers of hours and days. Do not hesitate to contact me for an estimate


In case of urgent need (delivery within 48 hours or less ), or if the translation foresees to  work during Sundays and  holidays (according to the Italian calendar) the overprice will be indicated on the quotation.


If the text is sent on a no-editable format (fax, photocopies, pdf no-editable, Jpg or similar) the overprice will be agreed with the customer in order to reward the difficulty of the work and the consequent waste of time.


*For longer translations of big volumes, it is possible to customize a reduction of price.