About Me

Born and grown up in Sicily, a land which overlooks the Mediterranean Coast, destination during the centuries of many conquerors and cultural and linguistic contaminations, since I was young I have been captured by the charming of foreign civilizations and of their several ways of communications. As a matter of fact, from childhood  raised on me the passion for foreign languages study and the desire to work as a specialist in communication. I attended the foreign languages High school, S.Orsola Institute in Catania, enriching my education thanks to languages summer courses abroad. As I got my diploma, I started my University career and in 2005 I graduated in Foreign Languages and Culture at the University of Study of Catania.


I feel proud to have cooperated with many leading International companies and important lawyers; they allowed me to gain a multidisciplinary experience in different fields developing a targeted approach, specific for every single project.


In particular, I supply  translation and revision of specialist texts, manuals, technical texts, technical drawings and layouts in Cad format, contracts, agreements, articles on specialized magazines, press and literary texts, legal translations, legalization and asseveration of documents. I work as an interpreter for business negotiations, providing liaison and business interpreting in International exhibitions. Furthermore, I develop teaching projects of  BUSINESS LANGUAGE especially for companies.